Review: Word of Mouse by Chris Grabenstein and James Patterson

Isaiah is a very special mouse. Born in a research laboratory as one of 97 small yet exceptional mice, he escapes in an incredibly dramatic opening sequence. Once out in the scary,Word of mouse wild world of the suburban US, it becomes clear that his bright blue fur isn’t the only thing different about him – he is exceptional in multiple ways!

Patterson and Grabenstein have created a wonderful story which celebrates differences and encourages readers to believe in themselves. After all – even the tiniest of mice can do extraordinary things! If you’re looking for an enjoyable, feel-good book which promotes resilience, this book is it.

The whole book is also jam-packed full of literary references – Isaiah has a particular fondness for Shakespeare and Robert Burns. Each chapter starts with a wise quote from Isaiah, and my able year 4 group really enjoyed picking apart each quote before reading the chapter to see if it would give them any clues as to what was about to happen.

A dramatic and enjoyable tale that is just begging to be turned into a Dreamworks film, this book is a wonderful book for readers who enjoy Patterson’s Middle School Series, as well as fans of Ratatouille, Hermelin, The Tale of Despereaux or Stuart Little. I’d also liken it to Dick King Smith’s classic Babe The Sheep Pig, as it has that same feel-good vibe to it.




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