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Top Picks: Christmassy Capers

Christmas is almost upon us, and for the past month all of the shops have been playing Christmas tunes. If you’re feeling ready for the holiday season, why not put your feet up with a few of these festive favourites. After all – It’s cold outside!

Mistletoe and Murder by Robin Stevens


Wells and Wong are back again in this Christmassy caper. This time they’re in snowy Cambridge for the festive season, but disaster strikes once again as a murder takes place in the aptly named (fictitious) Maudlin College. Hazel and Daisy must work fast to get to the bottom of this mystery – and face off competition from a rival detective agency in this brilliantly old fashioned yet hilarious seasonal tale.

Perfect for upper KS2


The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher

ChristmasaurusI was initially VERY skeptical about this book when I picked it up before christmas last year, as I suspected that it has been released more because of Tom Fletcher’s popularity from McFly than the book’s actual merits. How very wrong I was. More than anything, William Trundle wants a dinosaur for Christmas. Santa hears him and decides to make him a very realistic toy one – only a real dinosaur decides that he loves the toy too! It’s a genuinely brilliant book with some genuinely laugh out loud moments ( I started laughing very loudly in the middle of the school library when there was a group doing a spelling test in there the first time I read it! It was awkward but so worth it!) There’s more to this book than meets the eye as well – please please read it!

Great as a class read or bedtime story from Year 2, or to read themselves right the way up to year 7.

The Snowman by Raymond Briggs


I know, I know, it’s a classic and I really don’t need to mention it here, but the Snowman will always have a very special place in my heart. There are several versions of this book, but the best one is the original, completely wordless book. It really is one of those wonderful books where the pictures are more than enough to tell a fantastic tale of a boy, a snowman, and a very special journey.

A wonderful book to share with children of any age.


Pick a Pine Tree by Patricia Toht and Jarvis

pick a pine tree

The reason I mention this book is because it’s really genuinely beautiful. I love the illustrations, which are distinctive and just plain pretty. It’s a great book explaining¬† and describing the tradition of choosing and dressing a christmas tree, told using simple rhyming verse in a way that is bound to make you feel a little bit festive.



How Many Sleeps till Christmas? by Mark Sperring


Sometimes it can be incredibly hard to be patient, especially if you’re a very small bear waiting for a very big holiday! Little Pip keeps waking up and thinking it’s Christmas, but there’s still a long time to go! This brilliant book is perfect for talking to children about patience in the lead up to the holidays, and is a wonderful festive countdown!

Brilliant for Early Years and KS1.



Mr Underbed by Chris Riddell

mrunderbedNow this book isn’t really a Christmas book, but it’s definitely one I recommend this Christmas on account of the whole debacle regarding John Lewis’s Christmas Advert. The drawings are wonderful and the story is great ( it was actually one of Chris Riddell’s first children’s books) and it’s excellent for any child who is afraid of the monster under their bed. If you’ve considered buying the Moz the Monster book, please think about buying this one instead – plagiarism is wrong, and John Lewis should definitely know better.







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