Review: The Goldfish Boy by Lisa Thompson

31362532A thoughtful and enjoyable read, this book is a fantastic way to introduce the concept of OCD and mental health issues to middle grade readers.

Matthew Corbin hasn’t left the house in weeks. In fact, he barely leaves his room, except to go into the front bedroom/office of his house to watch his neighbours as they go about their day.

When a child goes missing from the house next door, Matthew realises that he may be the only person able to solve the mystery and work out where the boy has gone – but can he conquer his phobia of getting sick long enough to ensure the boy’s safety, or will his fears conquer him?

Lisa Thompson sensitively (and by all accounts, very accurately) handles the topic of OCD and how it can develop and look in children. The characters really pull the reader in, and the various mysteries of all of the characters of the seemingly normal cul-de-sac feed into one another, with the end result a very satifying – albeit occasionally tear-inducing read.

Suitable for Year 4 and up.

Contains themes of child abduction (resolved), miscarriage and mental illness


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