Review – Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk

BeachwalkWhilst most of the books I tend to review veer more towards the fiction side of things, today I’d like to share a BRAND NEW non-fiction item coming out tomorrow (16th April) which might be of interest!

Full disclosure: I was given a free ebook copy of this book to take a peek at in October.

Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk is a really well presented book about the seaside, and would be a fantastic book for any child age 3-7 to add to their bookshelf. It’s full of excellent activities to do at the beach, including science experiments and a beach log, as well as pull out sections to complete and a wonderful array of stickers for children to use to fill out all of the sections of the book. Furthermore, it comes with a snazzy magnifying glass to encourage children to explore the wildlife they find.

This feels like the type of book most young children would love, and it has lots of elements there to really draw them in whilst also containing useful information for children to know. Whilst I won’t be buying it for the school library (books with stickers and pull-out sections don’t really lend themselves to library use!) it’s the sort of book that my nieces and nephews would love, and it’d be a great book to bring on holiday as a distraction for the train journey down to the seaside!


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