Review – Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk

Whilst most of the books I tend to review veer more towards the fiction side of things, today I'd like to share a BRAND NEW non-fiction item coming out tomorrow (16th April) which might be of interest! Full disclosure: I was given a free ebook copy of this book to take a peek at in… Continue reading Review – Backpack Explorer: Beach Walk

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Non-Fiction November Top Picks – Part 2!

I know - I've already done one of these, but there's just so many fantastic books out there that I really did have to make another one! And so I present to you even more top non-fic picks! BBC Seeking Refuge: Hamid's Story by Andy Glynne The BBC seeking refuge series were a series of… Continue reading Non-Fiction November Top Picks – Part 2!

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Top Picks: Non-Fiction November

November is in full swing and you know what that means - it's time for my top Non-Fiction November picks! Non-Fiction is often the poor relation in school libraries. I've even come across a couple of schools where senior staff have decided that "non-fiction is obsolete - after all, we have the internet." I cannot… Continue reading Top Picks: Non-Fiction November