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Rudai 23: Thing 13 – A Reflective Post

This post is part of the Rudai23 CPD Course. Thing 10 Just prior to starting my Rudai 23 course I created a professional twitter ID (@thedinobrarian) for the purposes of networking and generally discussing library-related things. This was something which had actually been suggested to me by others at a Booktrust ‘Start the Story’ Event,… Continue reading Rudai 23: Thing 13 – A Reflective Post

Rudai 23

Rudai 23: Thing 12

This particular post is part of the Rudai 23 CPD course. School Library work can be quite a solitary affair, however there are some really fantastic opportunities to work with other members of staff. Most recently I’ve worked with a group of staff on the transformation of our computing curriculum. When doing this work we… Continue reading Rudai 23: Thing 12

Rudai 23

On Children’s Fiction (Thing 2)

In my work ( and outside of it actually) I've read an astonishing number of children's books. Whilst the world at large tends to kind of sideline children's fiction as simple and easy, I really have to disagree: children's fiction if anything has to be more subtle, more perfect than books catering solely to adults.… Continue reading On Children’s Fiction (Thing 2)